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We have been in business for over 35 years, offering equipment at less than 50% of the cost of new.  
Equipment is sold with a 30 day return privilege. We accept Paypal payments. Checks will be held for a 3 week bank clearance.

For Lab, Test, and R & D Equipment
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We buy good surplus equipment. Please include us in your invitations to bid.

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Environmental Stress Screening

Equipment Ovens & Furnaces

Lab, Test, R&D Equipment  


Environmental Stress Screening Equipment

Salt Fog, Singleton, 30 Cu Ft.  
Temperature Chambers
Humidity Chambers
Altitude & Vacuum Chambers
Sunlight Simulators-Weathering Devices, QUV
Thermal Shock Chambers
Salt Fog Chambers
Shock and Vibration Equipment
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Ovens & Furnaces

Walk-In & Batch
Laboratory Ovens & Furnaces
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Lab, Test, R&D Equipment        

Shore Scleroscope for Hardness Testing
Jones and Lamson (J&L) 10X Lens for 14 Inch Optical Comparator 
Hydrocarbon Vapor Meter, Thermo Environmental (Thermo Electron) Model 680 
Melt Indexer, Tinius Olsen 
Gravelometer, Q Panel
Metallurgical Preparation & Analysis
Microscopes & Inspection Equipment
Tensile, Compression, Torsion, Impact
Miscellaneous Testers For Many Industries
Clean Benches, Fume Hoods, Glove Boxes
Water Baths, Recirculators, Chillers
Lab Equipment - All Types Not Listed Above

NEW Click on NEW to see some of our most recent acquisitions
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